Amplify Your Food With Good Vibrations!


Why You’ve Got To Try Energetic Cooking

In the process of preparing a meal there is a special opportunity to infuse nutrients inside the food with love. I call this Energetic Cooking since you’re using energy and intent on the food. This one step can transform  a stagnant household in minutes! The truth is- even when someone feels there is nothing they can do to assist in the nurturing of another. We can always do something to help someone.


For instance, you know someone under the weather and you’re preparing  food or drink for them, you want to share some positive vibes with them too. Its an easy process to do all this at the same time, simply place your hands over the pots and visualize the person smiling, vital or just see them back in full strength.


You can also do this by singing songs that you feel will energize you and this will energize the space you’re preparing in.


If you look throughout history and even in some households today, you will find examples of people massaging seasonings, herbs and singing, chanting or visualizing. The nourishment comes not only from the cook’s added ingredients but it also comes from the intention of love that’s blended together with their hands. Get creative with your next meal. Raise your vibrations to where you want them to be by energizing your food!








Petrified Wood: The Gemstone of Transformation



What is Petrified Wood? Metaphysically speaking it’s a symbol of man’s infinite connection with nature. 

The process of petrification begins with three raw ingredients: wood, water and mud. A material formed by the silicification of wood, generally in the form of opal or chalcedony, in such a manner as to preserve the original form and structure of the wood. Also known as agatized wood; opalized wood; petrified wood; woodstone. Petrified wood has been preserved for millions of years by the process of petrification. This process turns the wood into quartz crystal which is very brittle and shatters. Even though petrified wood is fragile, it is also harder than steel.

Petrified wood (from the Greek root petro meaning “rock” or “stone”; literally “wood turned into stone”) is the name given to a special type of fossilized remains of terrestrial vegetation. It is the result of a tree having turned completely into stone by the process of permineralization. All the organic materials have been replaced with minerals (mostly a silicate, such as quartz), while retaining the original structure of the wood. Unlike other types of fossils which are typically impressions or compressions, petrified wood is a three-dimensional representation of the original organic material. The petrifaction process occurs underground, when wood becomes buried under sediment and is initially preserved due to a lack of oxygen which inhibits aerobic decomposition. Mineral-laden water flowing through the sediment deposits minerals in the plant’s cells; as the plant’s lignin and cellulose decay, a stone mould forms in its place.

In general, wood takes less than 100 years to petrify. The organic matter needs to become petrified before it decomposes completely. A forest where the wood has petrified becomes known as a Petrified Forest.

Elements such as manganeseiron and copper in the water/mud during the petrification process give petrified wood a variety of color ranges. Pure quartz crystals are colorless, but when contaminants are added to the process the crystals take on a yellow, red, or other tint.

Following is a list of contaminating elements and related color hues:

Petrified wood can preserve the original structure of the wood in all its detail, down to the microscopic level. Structures such as tree rings and the various tissues are often observed features. 

Metaphysical facts about Petrified Wood: Used to connect to past lives, for grounding, to attract wealth, strength and courage, reminds one of nature, used to stimulate the root chakra, brings about mental calm and centers the energy body.


The Ladies Guide To Dating And Male Interaction: 10 Rules

Relax love ain’t going nowhere.

1. You will lessen your chances to attract and keep a man if you run after men all the time. Ok ladies, yea i know he’s fine..probably super fine. I get that. But give that man some space. Always remember the line from back in the day: If it’s for you it isn’t going anywhere. I’m here to reiterate that to you. There’s a better way than wishing things will blossom with a man by telling him how much you are thinking about him repeatedly, or telling him all your business thinking that you two will form a bond that way. NO NO NO. As a woman who has been on some dates in my lifetime and spoken with hundreds of woman and studied relationships over all. I’m here to tell you personally from a man’s perspective MEN WANT TO BE THE MAN. You gotta allow a man to pursue you. Most men are that way, at least that’s what they tell me. So ladies, put your energy into being receptive to a man getting to know you. Relax and enjoy the process of slow movement. Yes, you can still call the shots overall..Because i’m not talking about having sex with a man to be receptive to him, while you’re getting to know him. Honestly..we will speak more on that one in a few minutes.

You are where it’s at!

2. Your chances of landing a solid, healthy relationship will drop to almost 1% if you are needy and don’t want to be alone. I’ll say it again. Yes the man is shole nuff fine. However it is you I’m concerned about here. Think about your life this way, you were born alone. You should learn the magic art of being happy and content right now. Sure it is easy to do when you have a healthy support system in place. The important thing to know is that, NO man comes along to be your support system. You alone have to learn the art of making that a reality for yourself. Everyone isn’t cut out to be a counselor, coach or consultant. So why would you expect a stranger to provide such services to you, out of the clear blue sky and on top of that…FREE. No honey. I feel you but you have to enjoy the skin you’re in. Think about some of the things you enjoy doing and visualize the joy of doing them with yourself. The world will be much brighter once you take your time and smile about what you have access to. YOU HAVE IT ALL. Look at you:-). Think of it this way, how will a man want to spend time with you, if you don’t want to do the same. There is something magical that happens..i’m here to tell you personally! When you get into what you enjoy, even if it involves helping others in someway..thats even better! The universe shifts to bring you the people who match your frequency energetically. i’m not playing. Work it out and give it a shot. You owe it to you to enjoy life even more. And don’t think about a relationship like that, because your date is waiting for your vibration to raise up and then like a magician, he will certainly show his face.

Slow down, Enjoy.

3. Trust me when i say: Men enjoy a challenge. If you give everything on the first date: is there really an incentive for a man to stay around and get to know more about you? Probably not. Right. So here’s the deal. There are so many other things you and your fine date can get into to with your clothes on. Also it is better to keep all your deep childhood history and past relationship details to yourself. Studies show that a conversation about past relationships and sex both have damaging effects on a future potential relationship between two people. Why is that? Hmm i would say it’s because man want women who are light and joyful. If you share a story where you experience the entire misfortune in your head and you allow him to experience your thoughts and feelings about too much of your life too soon. He may not call back. You want to keep life simple and move on from the past before you decide to move into the hot land of relationships. I’m here to tell you. This will save you so much time and frustration in the future. Take your time. Rock his world with mystery not the heavy baggage.

Real recognizes real.

4. Learn to be yourself, don’t fake it. The truth will always come out. Whoever you there is someone out there just for you. Sure it might be cute to act like you are someone you are not. The question is, how long will you be able to keep that up. Over time everyone lets their masks fall and people will always know more of what is there. Karma is something. Just be you. If you don’t like who you are. Change it up. Elevate, Get creative and mix it up. We all have work to do. Keep it real and everything will be right!

There are other men out there.

5. Never compromise your standards just to have an attractive man on your tip. You know what I’m talking about. He looks good, smells like paradise but he has no values, no game plan and he wears his draws down to his knees . He told you he was not ever getting married. He said he wants to be single for life. HA! OK. So that’s not your ideal man. You knew it when he started breaking it down to you at lunch or on the corner. You aren’t that damn lonely. This is why its important to learn to love yourself. If you aren’t joyful about your life and who you are. You may fall for anything. You are way too smart to waste your life on people undeserving of your time. The next time you see something or someone who doesn’t fall in line with your Values (if you don’t have some, get some) my advice: KEEP IT MOVING BLISSFULLY…HONEY you don’t have time for that!

Be honest.

6. Listen to your heart..the inner wisdom..if something doesn’t feel right its a good idea to talk about it or move on from it. Here is a good example: You are on a date with a sexy man. He’s charming, sweet and opening up to you. everything goes well until (OH NO HE DIDN’T)… OH YES HE DID: He reaches down and grabs your behind. It’s the first date. You are looking like? ‘Uh i’m not feeling that.’ At that point you have a couple of choices on how to deal with it. First of all, stay calm. There’s no need to act up. Let’s not put too much energy into this. Instead, feel your inner wisdom and if you know whatever this man did is outside of your (VALUES) then you can say peace..thank you for the nice time and say i have to go now, and talk to him later about it or never again. Its best not to get into it while on the date as it will leave a staleness in the air. When the date is over you can politely tell him If you are planning on going out with him..let him know who you are and what your values are. Keep it brief. If he wants to really get to know you. He will totally understand. And if he doesn’t its just the opposite and that’s quite alright too. You have absolutely nothing to lose but foolishness. So smile and be proud of yourself for whatever decision you make. You will be glad you did. You know it too.

Is he into you?

7. If men don’t call you, they are just not interested! I’ve been there, you’ve been there. Waiting by the phone for a phone call. Excuse me, i know some of you haven’t had that experience since home phones were hot. There are so many reasons to call you right? RIGHT! so if you hear a man telling you all this sweet stuff. But, he never gets around to calling you, EVER. He’s not that into you. Period. There is no other way to interpret this thing. We all know it takes communication of some sort to get to know someone on any level. We all can agree that relationships don’t just happen by accident. They certainly don’t. So if he is across the world, there is a way to contact you, If he is working late, he can call you, if its been a month and he hasn’t called… fill in the blank again with the same words (he’s not that into you) If you think you should chase a man down to get his attention. Uhh please re-read the rules from the top down. If you don’t trust this. Just try it and find out. Better yet. Just take my word for it and call it a day. Go do your toes or watch a movie. But don’t sit around waiting in vain. If you are just friends that all it is.

You set the pace

8. Men like to take their time too, even though it may not seem like it to you. Some women move too fast for even men. I’m talking about men that want to be in a relationship or married with a family one day. Back to the loose women, Yeah i know we’re not talking about you here. However some women have this idea of covering up the pain they have inside by repeating their mistakes over and over with men who either don’t want them in any other way but sexually or they throw themselves at men that are already spoken for. You deserve better and they deserve better. If only you knew how Karma works is all I’ll say. Sistahs it’s not worth it. He damn sure ain’t worth it. And the entire situation is a waste of energy to top it all. Nothing good can ever come of it. There are men who say they want to take their time. Some men have told me that women never make them wait for even 6 months before they sleep with them. They even said they would love to have a woman who would make them wait. Of course that’s some men. But trust me ladies its more men that want us to make them wait than the other way around. And women don’t know the power they have. If you have read all the rules until this point you know the ball is in your court. All I’ll say here is get some values my sistahs. Enjoy the little things. It’s not too late to make a change either.

Law of Attraction and you.

9. You attract men on the same vibration that you are on. Don’t be mad at this one simply change you and you will see a whole new model in your life of friends and of course in the men you attract. This one is a no-brainer..its all about the Law of Attraction. It’s not personal. When you learn to love you, the world will too.

Allow room for growth to take place.

10. Don’t Expect a man to change unless you want him to resent you. Bossing a man around is not the way into his heart. That’s right. Last time i checked, resentment was not one of the elements of a happy healthy relationship. If you want to build a solid relationship with your potential lover, you have to allow him to make mistakes and allow him to learn from them. We as woman are allowed that luxury so we owe it to the men to give them the same love and respect. We are all on earth to learn the lessons of life. Most people had a personality and a life before they ever met us. We have to remember that and celebrate who they are. Of course foolishness and unhealthy behavior should be talked about but choose your talks wisely. You don’t want to create a problem where there is none. And some comments/ perceptions/ observations should be reflected (within us) before they should be considered conversation worthy. Sometimes we as women feel we should protect our interests in every possible way so no one can take advantage of us. This is why sometimes some women make a fuss when there is none. In-fact the only issue sometimes is the thoughts. Learn to visualize peaceful things and love. See your mate healed and being all that you know they are holistically. Your visualizations will help to bring out the good in them. Use your powerful imagination ladies to bring about change in you and in your families. Indeed our greatest strength is within.

Vitamin B10 ( Pteroylmonoglutamic acid) The vitamin that’s good for treating skin depigmentation.

File:Vitaminb10-foods.jpgVitamin B10  having a chemical name Pteroylmonoglutamic acid is belongs to the vitamin B family; its old name was vitamin R. It is a water-soluble vitamin and is often referred to as a component of the vitamin B complex.This vitamin is thought to be essential for the body. Vitamin B10 is involved in the production of folic acid by intestinal bacteria; it is coenzyme in protein metabolism, and blood cell formation; important for skin health. Vitamin B10 is used in sunscreen to lessen the risk of skin cancer from ultra-violet exposure. It is also used in the treatment of rheumatic fever. Vitamin B10 is also very essential for alleged anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.






Benefits and functions of Vitamin B10

  • It was once used to combat rheumatic fever.
  • Vitamin B10 is found helpful in formation of erythrocyte also called red blood cells.
  • It acts a coenzyme and causes protein utilization in the body.
  • It is very useful when use in sunscreen. It is also necessary for those individuals who want to avoid the ultraviolet UV) rays coming from the sun that can lead to skin neoplasia.
  • It is also found to be beneficial in hair pigmentation and skin.
  • Vitamin B10 is very powerful ingredient as skin protector against pollution.
  • It is very useful against male infertility as well as vitiligo.
  • It is known for its treating depression.
  • Vitamin B10 is very essential for the patients of fibrotic skin disorders.
Vitamin B10 Deficiency:

  • irritability and depression;
  • constipation;
  • nervousness;
  • skin problems and eczema.
Food sources of Vitamin B10
  • It is richly found in both animals as well as plant sources.
  • These include green leafy vegetables e.g. spinach, others include bran, mushrooms, blackstrap molasses, wheat germ and whole grains etc.

Cleansing Your Gemstone


How to clean your Gemstones

There are many ways to cleanse a gemstone. My preferred ways methods are to blow on them, use my hands and energize them then sweep the unwanted energy out into the air and towards the window, lastly i always put certain crystals in the window sill so they can recharge in the sunlight and moonlight..i’ll leave the ones i plan on not wearing for a month or so in there. Yes, it may be a long time to some people but if you take only the gems you won’t use for a while to put into the window to will forget about them for a while.

One simple way to cleanse a gemstone is to run cold water and hold the stone in your hands while water run over and through your cupped hands. You can also place your stone in the ocean to clean it, this method is beneficial since, salt water is very healing and purifying. I have heard some people bury a crystal as well. Placing a gemstone in soil sounds so organic. Of course those who know me, know how organic i like like to be. However, If you choose this method to cleanse your gemstones, please mark the ground where you place your stone. you certainly do not want to misplace it! Not a good idea, right… Exactly what i was thinking. So there is another way to bury a stone, it just came to me. You can use a flower pot with soil in it..Or even better use a pot with a plant in it and place some stones around the plant. I do this one and my plants grow very healthy too. Some crystals will want to stay in the soil with the plants. You will be able to tell if you should remove the crystal or not, by what you intuitively feel about it.

Plants and crystals can communicate with us. Yes its true. Anyway, I will save that information for another time. That’s definitely worth writing another blog post about. Another cool way to cleanse a gemstone is to do a meditation while holding your stones, then visualize running them through a fire. Be careful not to burn yourself during your visualization. Your meditation should feel good! OK Alright, i think we covered all the popular gemstone cleansing methods. Any other ways you prefer to cleanse your gems, please share your method and leave a comment.

Now we have covered cleansing gems with the 4 elements: earth, air, fire and water. There is just one more way you can cleanse your gems. HA! You can use the 5th element. What the heck is that you ask? Well you can use your third eye. Place a gemstone at your third eye and reset the gemstone back to clear. The third eye is localized in the pituitary body and the pineal gland. It is located at the point between the eyebrows. The third eye point expands up to the middle of the forehead when opened. Cleansing method and time depend on you. Some people say that darker stones should be cleansed for a longer period of time. Some say once a week is  sufficient for all stones that are worn on a regular basis. Crystals should be cleansed at some point, no matter which method you choose. People often wonder why gemstones need cleaning, they are in the atmosphere where they pick up energy, which is always traveling between everything. Gemstones can pick up anything in a room or space. For instance, If energy is left over from an argument, gemstones will pick that up too. Alright that’s all for now. Have fun with your crystals! Show them some love.

Guide To Cows Milk Alternatives

There are many reasons to stop drinking cow’s milk: You’re lactose intolerant, you’re protesting on behalf of animals, there’s too much fat in it… the list goes on.It’s surprising to some, but we can actually get the nutrient fixes that milk gives us from alternative sources. It makes sense — we’re the only ones on the planet who drink another species’ milk, so it’s not like we naturally depend on it.

Soy milk — It’s the classic alternative and for good reason: It’s high in protein and B vitamins, low in fat, lactose-free and most are fortified with even more helpful minerals. Additionally, if you’re used to skim milk, the taste change is minimal. Take heed with more than a glass a day, though: It has components that stimulate estrogen production, which can encourage imbalances that create health issues.

Taste: Faintly sweet. Some varieties have a slight tofu flavor.

Pros: It has almost as much protein as cow’s milk, plus plant chemicals that may help inhibit absorption of cholesterol. It’s often fortified, so shake the carton well—added calcium tends to settle at the bottom, says Zied.

Cons: Some studies suggest that overconsuming soy promotes breast cancer. “A good guideline is about 25 grams of soy protein per day,” says Zied.

Best in: Creamy soups and salad dressings, sauces, casseroles, and other savory dishes. Vanilla-flavored varieties are great in coffee or tea (or by the glass!).

Almond milk — This one’s been climbing the charts lately because both companies and consumers have discovered that almond milk is delicious. Some swear by it and say it tastes even better than soy. It has all the same benefits as soy (although it’s generally slightly less fortified with other minerals) and tends to stay fresh longer. The only caution to take with almond milk is with children: Some doctors say the early introduction of nuts into a child’s diet can predispose them to a nut allergy.

Taste: Creamy, rich, and slightly nutty with a hint of sweetness

Pros: The least caloric of the bunch, it’s fortified with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that fights UV damage, as well as calcium and vitamins A and D.

Cons: While almonds themselves are a good source of fiber and protein, the milk contains skimpy amounts of these nutrients (that’s because the milk is made by grinding the nuts and mixing with water). Almond milk is also higher in sodium than other alternatives.

Best in: Smoothies, coffee, and cereal

Hemp Milk — This is a newer alternative that’s yet to gain steam. It offers nutritious benefits similar to the above milks, although the protein content isn’t as high as it is in soy or almond. It’s creamier than most alternative milks, so it’s more than suitable for most cooking. For vegetarians or vegans wanting to vary the types of protein they consume, this is also a great choice.

Taste: Nutty and earthy

Pros: It’s naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids—wonder nutrients for your heart, brain, and mood. Hemp milk is made with cannabis seeds, but it won’t get you high, because it lacks significant THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana).

Cons: Depending on the brand, you may gulp only 10 percent of your daily calcium needs. It’s not a great source of protein either.

Best in: Mashed potatoes, muffins, and quick breads. Unobtrusive in flavor, it’s a good stand-in for cow’s milk in baked foods.

Rice Milk — Rice milk has all the usual benefits, except it exchanges high protein content for a high carbohydrate count. The taste can be suspect and it’s hard to cook with, but you certainly won’t find many people allergic to this product.

Taste: Light, watery, and sweet

Pros: The carbs. “Have a glass before or after a workout—it offers carbs to fuel and fluid to hydrate, and like a sports drink, it’s a good source of electrolytes,” says Nancy Clark, R.D., author of Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook.

Cons: The carbs. If you’re trying to drop a few pounds, it’s best to eat whole-grain carbs, which contain filling fiber; rice milk has zero.

Best in: Desserts, baked goods, pancakes, and French toast. Its natural sweetness complements indulgent foods.

Coconut milk – While coconut milk is high in saturated fat, it is much healthier than other saturated fat products, and the fat is easily metabolized by the body. Coconut milk also offers some particular health benefits. It is anti-carcinogenic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. The main saturated fat that it contains, lauric acid, is also found in mother’s milk and has been shown to promote brain development and bone health.

Taste: Thick, creamy, and, well, coconut-y

Pros: It has the least amount of sodium and can be fairly low-cal—even some flavored kinds will cost you only 90 calories per serving. Plus, most brands are fortified with half a day’s worth of vitamin B12, a brain-boosting nutrient.

Cons: “The majority of fat is saturated,” says Lauren Slayton, R.D., founder of Foodtrainers in New York City. But at five grams per serving, it constitutes less than 8 percent of your total daily value for fat.

Best in: Coffee, tea, pudding, smoothies, and oatmeal—it’s a go-to thickener.

All milk alternatives have added vitamins and minerals in order to make them similar to cow’s milk. To determine which one is the best is a bit tricky, but it would greatly depend on what your nutrition goals are.

It may come down to taste, so determine which of these milk alternatives you enjoy drinking the most while still fitting in with your dietary guidelines. My only recommendation would be to avoid the products with added sugar as the calories greatly increase in those.

Which of the above milk alternatives do you prefer?


English: Raw Almond Milk
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Source: Rahsaan Kimbrow

Zircon’s Brilliance~


A beautiful natural gemstone called Zircon, not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia, which is laboratory-grown diamond imitation.  Zircon is a mineral belonging to the group of nesosilicates. Its chemical name is zirconium silicate. The crystal structure of zircon istetragonal crystal system. Zircon’s chemical formula is ZrSiO4. It’s name comes from the Persian word ‘zargun’, which means ‘gold-coloured’. The English word “Zircon” is derived from “Zirkon,” which is the German adaptation of these words. Zircon is known to assist with inducing sleep, It bestows social prestige and protection from enemies. Also attracts prosperity, and encourage tranquility and wisdom. Calms the nervous system, protects against depression, used to gain spiritual insight, also increases appetite and awareness.

Zircon occurs in a wide range of colors like green, red, yellow, brown, and orange. Its most popular color is various shades of blue. This color Zircon is used as an alternative birthstone for December. Colorless specimens that show gem quality are a popular substitute for diamond; these specimens are also known as “Matura diamond“.  It occurs in igneous rocks, in metamorphic rocks and in sedimentary rocks. Large zircon crystals are rare. Their average size in granite rocks is about 0.1–0.3 mm, but they can also grow to sizes of several centimeters.

English: Zircon :: Locality: Tigerville, Green...
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6 Easy Steps To Succeed!!!!

The Quick Start To Success List 

First step: Review questions 1-6

1. What do you want?
2. Why do you want it?
3. When do want it?
4. Have you written it down?
5. What is the price?
6. Pay for it!

If your first reaction to the list is one of ‘is that all?’ then you’re underestimating the

power of simplicity for achieving great things.

Attracting Success Its easier than you think. 6 steps, while simple, form the most powerful achievement strategy on the planet!

1. What do you want?

Sounds obvious right, no wrong. Just ask someone what they want to do with their exercise plan, or even their life, and you will receive vague answers at best.
Let’s break this down; Things like “weight loss” or “become rich” or “earn more” are not goals.
OK NO. They’re not.
However they are better classified as hopes that are so vague and meaningless that we can pretty much guarantee they will fail.
A real goal, however, is clearly stated and summarizes identifies what you  want , with a time frame attached to it. This way, you have a reference point to measure how far you are from completing your mission.
For example ‘lose weight’ becomes ‘lose 30lbs’ or ‘weigh exactly 120lbs’. ‘Get fit’ becomes ‘buy a car’ or ‘buy a Mercedes in 10 months’ and ‘earn more money’ becomes ‘earn $110,000 a year after taxes’
See the difference?
One is open-ended and allows for excuses and get out clauses while the other identifies the target and the way you will obtain your goal. This way, you measure your current level of success and adjust your course as needed.
Again, what is it YOU want? (Jot it down on a sheet of paper RIGHT asap!)

2.  Why do you want it?

It is amazing how people happily set goals they don’t care much about.
You hear them say ‘I’m going to do this’ or ‘I’m going to do that’ yet when you ask them why they have no explanation. No reason for doing something is  a sure sign that a goal may fail and is also definite sign you should look for when setting your personal goals.

3.  Why do you want it?

A goal without a date of completion is like a book without words in it. See, clearly something is missing.
Until you define the time frame to complete your goals,  you are
just reverting back to the ‘one day i will’ dream and let’s not forget ‘wouldn’t it be nice if..’ wishes that most people have. Why wish when you can make results!
Wishing is a cleaver way of giving yourself an excuse to Not act, And we know, without action nothing changes.
When you know what you want and why you want it, next you MUST set a date for getting it. This way, there is a sense of urgency to get your goal. In truth, This is what you want!
Also, you are able to measure whether or not your goals are on schedule or not and what actions it will take to get you on track.
So, WHEN do you want your goals to come to life?

4. Write down your goals and read them regularly

There is a definite sequence to take a goal from an idea to reality. This sequence is summed up in three words.
Thought + Word = Action
Up to now we reviewed thoughts and the importance of deciding what you want, why you want it and the time factor of when you want it. This is the inner work to goal setting. This is a vital step to the achievement of your goals, this alone is not enough to bring goals into reality.
By now you should have a clearer defined dream, right now it’s still just a dream.
To take your goal from a dream to reality… it needs to become real in some way.
Studies have shown, the act of writing goals down increases the likelihood of their achievement from 500% to 5000% plus, reading the words out loud on a daily, several times a day, increases the effectiveness of achievement even more!
Certainly every successful person I’ve ever met or known has told me that they not only have a written list of goals, but they also read their goals many times a day and carry their list with them too.

5. What is the price?

People set goals correctly, they know what they want, why they want it, when they want it and they write their goals down too, But, In spite of doing everything right, they never make any real headway toward achieving their goals.
They don’t think about the cost of achieving their goals before starting and when they have to pay for their goals in the way of hard-working time… they’re disappointed and second guessing their plan.
The REAL truth is, every goal has a price that must be paid.
It might be financial, it might be time, it might be a change of lifestyle, it might be a relationship or ANYTHING, but trust me, there WILL be a price.
Certainly, at the start of my career (and even now to a lesser extent) my determination to have my own
business, to become a entrepreneur, consultant, healer and author meant that I would have to pay the price of longer hours at work, less time with my family and a higher degree of financial risk.
That was my price. I didn’t have to pay it at first, If I was not willing to pay the cost, I wouldn’t reach my goals. I had a clear choice. What is the price of YOUR goals?
Think about it now, so that you can decide your next move, whether or not the cost is too steep and if it is, just set another goal that you want to strive for. It’s alright to save yourself some time.

6. PAY The Price!

Paying the price gets its own category because, since knowing the price, paying it is an ongoing investment that you must make every day until the goal is yours. What we’re talking about is the consistent, ACTION that many people are simply not willing to take.
Sure, they come out of the gate looking fully motivated to get their goal but, they soon slow down, and go to something else. It starts with one day without action toward their goals, then two, then three and, before you know it, their action towards their goals has stopped.
What happened?
They stopped paying the price.
Here’s the thing most people don’t get;
If you’ve been paying the price, and paying the price and paying the price for days, weeks, months and even years, The One day you choose to wake up and stop paying the price, every single payment you made was a waste. Some would say…
A waste of your time.
A waste of your money.
A waste of your effort.
Yes, the only way to possibly get your return on investment is to achieve your goals.
Anything less was a failed attempt at success.
This might sound a bit over the top but it’s true.
Once you start paying the price, stay with the goal until it’s achieved.

That’s it!


That is all to getting what you want from life. Stay in there. Stick with it! It will only get better. Though simplified, if you apply these 6 steps you’ll get what you want faster.! Go for the GOLD!

Fire Agate!



Fire agate is Deep fiery red and brown with internal blast or ‘fire’, the result of a layer of clear agate over a layer of hydrothermally-deposited hematite, this crystal often exhibits a brightly colored, complexly banded pattern. Balances the root chakra. Agate is formed when water that is concentrated with silica comes into contact with iron oxide, and permeates into rock crevices to form an additional layer of rock.

Fire agate is a form of quartz with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. Found in the southwestern USA and Mexico. Agate is a micro-crystalline variety of silica, chiefly chalcedony, characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of color. Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks and can be common in certain metamorphic rocks.

Most agates occur as nodules in volcanic rocks or ancient lavas where they represent cavities originally produced by the disengagement of volatiles in the molten mass which were then filled, wholly or partially, by siliceous matter deposited in regular layers upon the walls. Agate has also been known to fill veins or cracks in volcanic or altered rock underlain by granitic intrusive masses. Fire agate can be hard to find.  


Fire Agate Metaphysical Properties and Benefits










Endocrine systems

Night vision

Reduce hot flashes

Increases mental capability

Mental processing


Consulting/ Coaching 101: Succeed With Planning & Structure

Consulting/ Coaching work is a very important  job for those who choose to do it.

Anytime you enjoy what you do a job can be equally rewarding in several ways. Connecting with a new client is always a treat. However, it’s important to communicate exactly what your parameters are before taking on a new client. Oh you could create a losing situation for your business and the client.

There are a few key points to include in your terms of service document before you take a new client in. Sure you want a new client but you can save time on the front end by laying your rules and expectations on the table.

I completely understand.. You think if you can just get a new client everything will work out perfectly right. Sure it will. Think about the last time you had a client right. Now, You get a new client, at first meeting every interaction is flowing and well, right! So then after about a week or less, your new client becomes unresponsive to you and stops keeping their appointments with you. You have no idea as to why. But that’s all you have to off of is their behavior. Well there are preventive measures you can put in place to keep situations like this to a minimum.

This is an example of why, PRE-QUALIFICATION is Very necessary. Some folks may not follow through with much of anything in life. Of course we are visualizing all clients doing everything it takes to stay focused and following through as well. Great let’s keep a positive outlook! Now..

It’s important to find out who your prime time clients are. Who can you best assist? Your ideal client may think like you, or they may be just the opposite of you.  Here are some ideas to get you going. Before we get to number 1 on the list let’s start with the pre-qualification process. Yes, there is a match for all clients and a match for all coaches/consultants. First of all, Type up a document detailing what your ideal client is, here is an example:

You’re my ideal kind of client if you:

Take personal responsibility for your life experience

Want to live mind fully with greater meaning and purpose

Desire to serve and be as productive as possible at any age

Are open to letting go of unneeded baggage

Feel inspired by co-creative ventures with like-minded people

Have the ability (even if it’s not showing now) to be focused on tasks

Are ready to improve your present and future

Are not afraid of money

Hold high ethical values

Are not afraid of people

Enjoy brain storming

Seek open feed back and are open-minded


1. Make a list you and potential clients will discuss (assessment, requirements) before you will work with them. Save the list. This list will be part of your consulting program.

2. Write down what you expect from your ideal client during each session.

3. Make a record of how important is your time is? Put a dollar number on that, make it a 30 day paycheck in fact. Make a note of it for you. How much would you get paid if you worked with a client for 30 days. What’s your time worth? This is an important step so if you the (consultant/coach) will know just how important your time is. Remember structure is the key to enjoying a successful consulting practice. If you don’t organize, you might lose clients, time and money.

4. Begin a document with a list of what a client should expect from you. What can you offer them in the form of services for their hard-earned money? For example:

As Your Consultant My Job Is To:

  • Model mindfulness, learning and growth
  • Listen with focus and presence
  • Maintain self-awareness
  • Nurture the partnership with respect and compassion
  • Establish and honor an explicit structure for the
coaching relationship
  • Make choices with you about the coaching
  • Ask questions that deepen your understanding
of your situation
  • Help you articulate desired outcomes
  • Ask you to generate a course of action
  • Provide direct and honest feedback
  • Direct your attention toward your capabilities and potential
  • Provide important information, tools, and language
  • Energize and stimulate your thinking process
  • Remind you of your potential and vision
  • Encourage you to take action
  • Offer opinions and/or recommend a course of action
  • Provide an open space for communication

5. Write an affirmation that goes something like this..(by the way) this is specifically for you (the consultant) ! OK here it is:

I am an amazing consultant, i do my best each and every time with every client. I am here to listen and offer solutions! I strive to direct the client into the direction that will give them the results they spoke of during our first meeting.  Together we can make a change. I am thankful for the opportunity to help someone again with building an awesome business, relationship and overall life! Repeat this affirmation before and after working with your clients.

6. Clients will take you seriously when you take your business and time seriously. Create solutions and plan options to compliment your time and your potential clients time as well and feel good about your choices, you can edit your program at anytime.

7. Detail your program process, include the abc’s of your consulting game plan and type it up in a document. For example:

What to Expect from  Coaching/ Consulting-

Consulting is fully customized to your needs and goals. However, here is an example of what you can expect:

~ Explore and discover what you want in your life, while also acknowledging that what you ultimately want is Bliss.

~ Learn to manage your body & mind, responses to others and life, health and well-being.

~ Brainstorm, rejuvenate, create, meet your goals, build, explore, enjoy adventure, play and then..

~ Transform, relax and experience Bliss Returned.

Another example:

The overall benefit of a consultant is to help you explore who you are, what you truly want and how to attain it. This is achieved as you and the consultant communicate through skillful questioning, listening, reflecting, clarification and suggestions.

8. Don’t beat yourself or your staff up if a client doesn’t follow through. Consulting takes at least two people. Often people will say they want to change, however they may decide during your program, to not elevate for a while. Client fall backs are not your fault. Smile and know one thing:  If the structure of your coaching/consulting program is tight, you have done your job there. The other part is keeping appointments and holding people accountable or what they say they want to do. I know you can do that. You have it going on there. I know that! This process will be  ( or is)  a breeze for you.  This is YOU we are talking about here. RiGHT!

So, go forth and Make it happen. There is no room to doubt your process or your skills. If you have questions or concerns please reach out to me. I can help. I love what I do and I do it well! Enjoy the planning process of your consulting practice. You have exactly what it takes to win. WORK IT!


~Sereda Dailey