The Heart Chakra

The heart Chakra (or Anahata in Sanskrit) is, well, associated with the heart but also with the thymus. The thymus keeps your immune system and more specifically your endocrine system functioning. In other words, it helps to fight against disease both physical and emotional.  And your heart, well, it’s kind of a big deal. The main work people usually do on their heart chakra is to heal from emotional hurt and to foster greater love and compassion from and for others.

The Heart Chakra is the center of our energy and the focus of our love and capacity to heal from emotional wounds. Whenever emotional hurt is caused and is not dealt with, it resides and festers in the Heart Chakra. I know that I’ve always had a particularly sensitive one, but have only been able to put it into words more recently. Every since I was little (and a lot of other people do this too), whenever I was hurt or really happy I always felt it right at the center of my chest, where my heart chakra is. I always subconsciously find myself putting my hand there whenever I feel particularly hurt, vulnerable, or upset, as if I’m trying to keep the energy from bleeding away.

I know that I am often guided and ruled by my Heart Chakra in my life choices. So far, it seems to have worked out pretty well! However, it also means that it needs constant maintenance. Emotional wounds translate to physical malaise, I think most women know that if they don’t feel good emotionally, they will take it out on themselves physically thinking they aren’t attractive enough, fit enough, thin enough, etc. Physical demonstrations of an imbalanced Heart Chakra are heart palpitations, asthma, pneumonia, upper back and shoulder problems. Similar to the solar plexus chakra, self-love is key to maintaining a healthy Heart Chakra. Our wounded self and wounded ego have to heal.

But rather than just focus on emotional wounds, I also mentioned that the heart chakra is from where happiness, honesty, respect, love and compassion emanate . Some people argue that that’s why break-ups can be so difficult; once such a bond is made, rupturing an energy cord leads to significant damage. Many know that fights, break ups, or any emotional damage in a relationship actually physically hurt. After all, there’s a reason why we have a term like “heart strings”.

Beyond romantic love, our heart chakra is also the center of our capacity for compassion, which allows us all to live better lives and create a healthier society. Compassion involves unconditional love, an ability to let go, forgive, and trust. Unconditional love, or Metta, implies kindness and living and embodying our desire for it. It begins with loving and respecting ourselves, and through those experiences, reaching out to others. When we channel Metta we encourage it and bring it out in others. Whatever we generate comes back to us and makes us all stronger. Can you imagine a society so open and loving?

Exercises that are good for your Anahata involve anything heart related so once again swimming is a good choice. Another option I have for you is Yoga Download ‘s Power Yoga 4 Practice which is a donation-based class (and can be downloaded from their website). It begins and ends with a meditation to increase Metta.

Feeding Your Heart Chakra

Healing Emotional Hurts

  • Leafy vegetables: spinach, kale, dandelion greens, etc.
  • Air vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, squash, etc.
  • Liquids: green teas
  • Spices: basil, sage, thyme, cilantro, parsley

As always, some affirmations:

I deeply and truly love and approve of myself.

I love who I am.

I am willing to love everything about myself.

I am a being of unconditional love and compassion.

I am adequate at all times to do that which is required of me.

My heart is open and flows freely with love for myself and others.

I trust in love.

I open my heart to love.

I forgive myself

I forgive those who need forgiving for not being what I wanted them to be.

I grow from all of my experiences. They serve to make me a healthier, stronger, and better person.

I am confident that the healing power of God’s love will heal my mind,heart, and body.

Only I am responsible for the quality of my life.

I acknowledge my own loveliness.

I am pure, good, and innocent.

I strive to enhance my life and those of others.

Love is the purpose of my life.

Love is everywhere.

I open myself to the healing powers of love.

I strive to create a healthy foundation upon which I and others can thrive.

I follow the path of the heart.

Seven Steps to Inner Peace and Happiness

Inner peace and happiness sound like ideal vacation spots that we never find time to visit. Let’s explore

1. Let go of past hurts inhibiting compassion.

How you hold on to painful events determines your level of inner peace. If the conflict haunts you with regret, anger or fear, you shut down your natural compassion and empathy for others. Instead of finding common ground with others, you react defensively to avoid getting hurt.

Listen to step 1, discerning the truth for yourself.

You are surprised with a gift, but you found yourself mentally cataloging past disappointments. Love was present, but you was in the land of perpetual dissatisfaction. When you’re living in the past, consciously choose to reorient yourself in the present by saying, “I willingly release this pain. I choose not to hold it as my own.”

2. Reconnect with inner wisdom.

When you need it most, the right idea pops into your head. Some call it intuition, others call it inner wisdom. This well of knowledge exists deep within, providing new ideas and solutions to resolve everyday situations.

Listen …discerning the truth for yourself.

I reconnect with inner wisdom when I am able to see the simplicity of a situation. I juggle many responsibilities, and my best ideas for time management pop up when I use a simple practice of listening within for straight-forward solutions. Taking a deep breath, I refocus my thoughts and affirm: “Wisdom within my being, flow freely and fill me with your simplicity.”

3. Disconnect from conventional wisdom and follow your heart.

Societal norms and expectations keep us on the straight and narrow path, following conventional wisdom for forming relationships (don’t talk to strangers), forwarding your career (work late to get ahead) and money money money (more is never enough). Conventional wisdom can supercede our inner wisdom, making us miserable in the pursuit to fit into society on all levels

Our hearts often know better, and it takes courage to follow a different code of behavior. Affirm your inner code of the heart by saying, “I willingly pull from my well of peace to guide my actions.”

4. Connect with universal energy.

Our world is filled with energy, including solar, wind and other energies harnessed by humanity. We are part of an interconnected universe of energy, which provides us with inspiration and creative juice. Like boats riding swiftly with the current, our greatest accomplishments are achieved when we flow with this universal energy. Artists and musicians use this energy as their muse.

Align with power to support your life’s work by saying, “I recognize and access the powerful world of energy around and within me.”

5. Discover your higher purpose.

You have a higher purpose beyond business and family roles. A coffee barista’s higher purpose may not be to mix a smooth latte, but to touch people with genuine acceptance. A stock broker’s higher purpose may not be to make people rich, but to manifest abundance in many forms. A garbage collector’s higher purpose may not be to process refuse, but to remove blocks from seeing the sweetness of life.

A higher purpose guides your exploration of life issues, leading you to perform certain roles. To find your purpose, look at the jobs you have held and the underlying ideals that drove you. A secretary may support everyone around her, at work and at home. Her underlying driving ideal may be loving others in all circumstances. She can explore and perform her higher purpose in every situation she encounters. Affirm your higher purpose by saying, “I feel great joy in exploring and performing my higher purpose.”

6. Live life like a master teacher.

Great master teachers remind us to use compassion, forgiveness and personal responsibility to guide our choices. You can forgive others by accessing compassion, which helps you to take personal responsibility for your actions. Master teachers use each experience as an opportunity to connect with others.

Affirm this by saying, “I honor the sacred within all beings.”

7. Encourage others on their personal journeys.

As you awaken your inner peace and happiness, your choices demonstrate to others how to live life on a deeper level. Share your happiness with others by encouraging them on their journeys. Gandhi encouraged people to be the peace they desire in the world.

Affirm your contribution by saying, “I let my joy reflect upon others.”

When inner vacationing, you’re already at home with peace and happiness….let LOVE Rule 😉

Cultivating Life~

What is living truth? Living sinless..without lies, anger, resentment, bitterness, loving based on the fact that we are all connected and all one anyway. Wanting for others what you want for you if not more that you have. Sharing, caring, creating, building and cultivating more and more life on the planet for you and your mirror images now that’s healing on a deep level.

More to come~

Natural Laws are Always At Work

You don’t have to believe in the gravity to see it work. The law of gravity is always working. Drop a pen on the ground and you will have an instant reference point that gravity is real. The belief you had about it at first, will be good for a few seconds then you will watch the pen fall on the ground at the same speed no matter how many times you drop it on the ground. A law is made one because it always works in a calculated manner. The law is something you can put your money on. You can place a bet on it. It is always working. The law of attraction is a sure thing just as the law of gravity is.

Choose your energy~ Be happy

Success will come and stay, Only when you choose have the Resolve and Determination to lead a Happier and more Positive life, will you Naturally be inclined to using a Positive Affirmation. You cannot “force” yourself to be Happy. However, you CAN choose to be Joyful at anytime. Happiness is the bridge between bliss and joy.

When you make the choice, towards living joyfully you will feel the transformation within you so strong. Smiling reinforces and Invigorate the process along with with living and eating a balanced diet. On top of all of that, affirmations look good on you. Other individuals will know that something is different about you once you choose to feel good daily.

Remember to always~ Affirm the peace within you, Visualize Luminous Images all day and the Rays of Strength and Courage within will continue working for you. Surrounding your Being with love, do it from the inside out! You can do it! Namaste~Hetep~Bliss~Hotep~Love

What are you carrying around with you?

When you squeeze an orange you get orange juice because that’s what’s inside. The very same principal is true about you. When someone squeezes you-puts the pressure on you- what comes out is what’s inside. And if you don’t like what’s inside you can change it by changing your thoughts~ ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•.ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•.ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•.ƸӜƷ♥♥<3BlissReturnedƸӜƷ•°*””*♥♥♥

What can the Law of Attraction do?

The Law of Attraction is capable of providing you:

1. A truly joyful, content life

2. Balanced health

3. The ability to achieve and attract whatever you want in life

4. The ability to become who you want to become in this life

5. The ability to manifest successes – without limitations

6. Success in personal relationships

7. The ability to overcome present and future stagnation/ obstacles/ hindrances in life

8. The ability to manifest awesomeness in your personal life

9. The ability to heal in every aspect of your existence

10. Divine reminders of what we are manifesting in our thoughts every second of the day, we can always tell this my looking at our social circle. We are what we attract.

11. Financially


Manifest positive results with the use of Affirmations

1) Phrase them as if they are occurring in the now.

For eg. If your outcome is to become a more confident person, a suitable affirmation might be: ‘I am becoming more and more confident. I am feeling better and better about myself’.

2) Phrase affirmations in terms of what you want rather than what you don’t want.

3) Pick affirmations that resonate with you the most

4) Energy follows thought.

5) Many books recommend that affirmations are repeated out aloud hundreds of times each day. This way is effective too. However, saying them out loud has a deeper impact.

Look no further

Take a deep breath because this might be a bit heavy, what i’m about to tell you that is…. See- you have the ability to do way more than most people realize. I won’t go into details here but know this is true- You are the genie that you seek!